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What is the difference between Sessions and Page Views?

What are sessions? What are page views? What unique insights do they provide?

The main reason Notion pages owners use Notionlytics is to gauge their traffic.

Page Views and Sessions chart gives you insights into how accessible and engaging your pages are. At the first sign, these metrics look similar, but the values behind them most of the time do not match, which is confusing - what is the difference between these metrics? What unique insights do they provide?

Sessions vs Page Views chart Notionlytics

What are Sessions?

Sessions represent a single visit to your Notion pages from the same workspace. Whether a user lands on one of your Notion pages and leaves a few seconds later or spends an hour reading every blog post on your workspace moving from one page to another, it still counts as a single Session.

When does a new session start?

A new session starts when a user opens your Notion page for the first time, and it’s automatically stopped after 30 minutes of inactivity. Whether the user closed the page or left it open for several weeks, it counts only the time user engages with the content. If the same user visits your website a few days or a few hours later, that becomes another session. A user may check your website several different times in a month, which amounts to several sessions.

What if I use different browsers or devices?

Cookies allow identifying users and their activities for a session using the same browser and device. So whether a user browses your pages in the same tab or several different tabs, it will still be recorded in a single session. However, when a user opens your Notion page on different devices, for example, the laptop and mobile, it will be counted as two different sessions.

What are Page Views?

Page views reveal the time a user spent on a single page. If a user lands on the page, it counts as a page view. If the user reloads the same page, it counts as another.

Page views metric allows you to see how many views you receive on different pages and thus provide insight into the more accessible or interesting content to users.

Page views and Sessions chart

Page Views and Sessions chart gives traffic overview based on page views and sessions metrics. Which reveals sudden and systematic picks in traffic and gives you insight into when people visit your pages. When looking at a more extended period you might see if the traffic is growing over time, what are the trends, and see how the average number of pages per session is changing, etc.

Sessions vs Page Views trend Notionlytics

Add to your workspace all the Notion pages that are logically connected for more insight. I will give you the full picture of your Notion pages traffic.

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