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What does average Time on Page tell you?

Do people love reading your content? Which pages grab their attention?

Average Time on Page shows the average amount of time users spent on a single Notion page. This metric does not consider exit pages. An exit page is the last page of a session.

How is Average Time on Page calculated?

The time users spend on a single Notion page is calculated as a time difference between landing page and moving to the next one. Thus, if the person exits the page without going to another page, the time on the last page will be set to zero.

Here is the formula.

Average Time on Page = Sum(Time Spent on Page) / 
                    (Count(Page Views) - Count(Page Exits))

Average Time on Page chart

Average Time on Page is shown in seconds and/or minutes. Some individual Notion pages might show a higher time on page than the overall time across all your pages.

Tima on Page Notionlytics chart

The more engaging the content, the more time users spend on pages. As with other website performance metrics, context is key, and it is good to analyze each metric alongside other metrics to give a true picture of engagement.

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