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Understanding Users vs. New Users

What is the difference between Users, New Users, and Returning Users?

Users are people who visit your Notion pages. A New User is an individual who has seen your Notion page for the first time. The same person would be counted as a Returning User if they visited your Notion page more than once.

My Notion workspace is shared with a limited number of people. Can a New Users metric differ from zero?

Yes, it can differ.

Any time a new visitor lands on your Notion pages, a unique ID or client ID is assigned to them that’s stored in a cookie in your browser.

So say you visited a website in Chrome, your Chrome browser received a cookie with a client ID. When you return, you will be logged as a returning user rather than a new visitor.

If, however, you visit the website a second time, this time using Safari or a mobile app, you’d receive a separate client ID, and therefore Notionlytics would recognize you as a New user.

Users and New Users chart

Notionlytics chart represents two metrics, New Users and Users. The Users metric includes both New and Returning Users, which shows you the total number of users visiting your pages and how many of them were new.

Time on Page Notionlytics chart

The Users vs. New Users chart reflects your audience growth and users engagement. It shows if people like to come back to your pages again and again.

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