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FAQ: Why don’t I see any data?

Make sure you catch all of your Notion page visits.

Don’t see any data? Don’t worry. 😉 This article will guide you on how to catch all your page visits.

Make sure you have at least one page with an embedded and activated tracker

Notionlytics collects analytics only when a tracker is embedded into the page and activated.

  1. Select a page (or pages) you want to track.
  2. Install a tracker.
  3. Check tracker’s installation.
  4. Activate it.

Make sure there are no errors, warnings, etc., like in the example below 👇

Tracker on the page.

Embedded widget example

Tracker in the Notionlytics app.

In app tracker example

Page visit isn’t counted if a widget is placed at the bottom! Why?

Notion loads its content in a certain way to provide a smooth user experience: it loads your page’s sections only when a visitor is about to see it. So, if a widget is placed at the bottom, a page visit is counted only when a visitor scrolls to the bottom of the page.

To catch 100% of your page visits, you can move the tracker to the top.

A widget should not be placed within a toggle!

If a widget is placed within a toggle, a page visit isn’t counted unless a user expands the section. A page view is counted when a visitor actually sees your widget.

Wait up to 24 hours for the data to appear (except a Real-time chart).

Don’t rush! After tracker activation, it might take up to 24 hours for the data to appear.

Note: Analytics is not collected if you or your visitors intentionally use Incognito mode or blockers. We respect privacy.

Still don’t see any data? Join our live chat or email us at support@notionlytics.com. We will be happy to help!

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