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What's new?

Highly requested and highly anticipated changes. Check it out!

We rolled out a new version of the Notionlytics app with new amazing features. 🎉 To make sure you’re familiar with the changes, we’ve written a blog post 👇. Enjoy!

  • Avg. Time on page chart. 😍
    You asked for it—and we did it! The average time on page chart shows the average amount of time users spent on a single Notion page. For more details read What does average Time on Page tell you? article.

Time on pahe chart.png

  • View Hourly data.
    Allow seeing the usage of your Notion pages throughout the day. Above the time graph, select ‘Hourly’ to see data at the hourly level of granularity.

Hourly data.png

  • Workspaces 🎉
    Workspaces allow tracking multiple Notion pages in one place. Yay!

    • Add as many pages as you like using a quick search. Can be helpful if you manage your company’s knowledgebase/wiki, or you have a Notion blog/website with multiple pages. Page search.png
    • Easily switch between pages using the dropdown on the Insights tab. Use it to monitor analytics either at page level or at workspace level. Switch pages.png
    • Activate/Deactivate tracker to start/stop collecting data. Activate deactivate tracker.png

Read the What is a workspace? article for more information about workspaces.

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