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What is a workspace?

Set up a convenient tracker for multiple Notion pages.


A workspace is a virtual place for your Notion pages analytics. With workspaces, it becomes easy to track multiple Notion pages, which allows monitoring analytics either at a page level or at a workspace level. All logically related Notion pages can be a part of the same workspace if they need to be analyzed altogether. Example: one workspace for the corporate wiki, one workspace for the Notion website, one workspace for the knowledge base, one workspace for your personal blog, one workspace for Notion templates, etc. It is also possible to track all Notion pages in the same workspace, but different workspaces allow keeping all pages in a structured way.

How to create a workspace

To create a workspace, switch to a new version app if needed and follow the instructions. It will ask you to connect the Google Analytics account as a data storage and share access to the Notion pages you want to track now or in the future.

Create a workspace for convenient tracking of multiple Notion pages.

☝ Currently, we support having only one workspace per user. Click here to join the waitlist, if you need more than one workspace.

Workspace analytics


You can add a new Notion page to the workspace at any time on the Trackers tab. But to start collecting analytics, make sure you install a tracker into the page. Notionlytics can track the page only when the tracker is installed.


The Insight tab includes analytics of your Notion pages visits.

Supported analytics reports:

The data is available for different time ranges and at a daily/hourly level of granularity. More extended periods reflect data trends when shorter periods show recent users’ activities in the detail.

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 11.34.43.png

Look & Feel

Use the Look & Feel tab to customize your tracker and see how the widget will look like. Available for paid plans only.


You can update the workspace name on the Setting tab, reconnect Google and Notion integration, or delete the workspace.


Analytics associated with a particular page cannot be moved from one workspace to another. For example, Page A is a part of Workspace 1. If at some point user removes Page A from Workspace 1 and adds Page A to Workspace 2, analytics will not be moved. Workspace 1 will continue showing Page A historical analytics which has been already collected. Workspace 2 will start collecting Page A analytics from the day it has been added to the workspace.

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