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Cannot find the page

If you are unable to find a particular page for tracking, whether by page title or page URL, several potential factors need to be examined in order to resolve the issue:

  1. The page may not have been shared with Notionlytics.
  2. The page could be restricted, which hinders automatic sharing with Notionlytics.
  3. The page have been created just recently.

Option 1: The page is not shared with Notionlytics

  1. Go to Settings in Notionlytics.

  2. Navigate to Integrations.

  3. Click Reconnect in the Notion section.

  4. Ensure that the root page of the page you want to track is selected and shared with Notionlytics.

Option 2: The page is restricted in Notion

If you still haven't found the missing page, it might be restricted. When a page is shared with only specific people, it becomes restricted, and Notionlytics doesn't automatically have access to it. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the page in Notion.

  2. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the page.

  3. Choose Add Connections.

  4. Select Notionlytics from the list.

With this guide, you should now be able to resolve the issue of not being able to find a specific page in the Pages page of Notionlytics. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to support.

Option 3: The page was created just recently

If you still haven't found the missing page, it might be that the page was created just recently. For the new pages, usually takes up to several minutes to become searchable through Notionlytics.

To speed things up though, you can try to search for the page in Notionlytics by its URL. To do so, just copy the URL of the page in Notion and paste it into the search bar in Notionlytics.

If the page is still not found, make sure that the page is shared with Notionlytics, and that it is not restricted. If you believe the page is shared and not restricted, but still not found, please reach out to us via support chat or email, and we will help you resolve the issue.

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