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How to track Notion databases?

Databases in Notion are an excellent way to organize and manage information. However, when it comes to tracking these databases with Notionlytics, you may find that they are not listed under the pages that you can track. This is because Notionlytics does not support tracking databases directly, as Notion databases don't have an embed option.

Tracking widget location

It's now possible to add the tracking widget to the Notion databases, but only to those that are configured as Notion Wikis. The widget can be added to the home page of the wiki to track all the pages within it. To track a specific page, you can add the widget to that page individually. If you need to track visits to the database page itself, you can add the widget to the page that contains the database in inline mode, as described in the following steps.

Although you cannot track databases directly, there is a workaround that allows you to track them by wrapping them in a view within a regular Notion page.

Step 1: Create a new regular Notion page

Begin by creating a new, regular Notion page that will serve as a container for the database you want to track.

Step 2: Add a View of the existing database to the new page

On the new page, click '+' or type '/' to start adding a new view. Choose the Table, Board, Gallery, List, Calendar, or Timeline view based on how you want your database to look.

Step 3: Select the database as the data source for your new view

After choosing the appropriate view, Notion will ask you to select the database to be used as the data source for your new view. Find your database in the list and select it. Note that while searching for the database, type its name, not the name of the page containing it.

Step 4: Activate the tracking widget in Notionlytics

Now that you have created the new page with a view of the database go to the Notionlytics app, search for the newly created page, and activate the tracking widget to start monitoring the visitors of your Notion page.

By following these steps, you can now track visits to your databases with Notionlytics.

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