Workspace & configuration

Update workspace owner

This article will cover the process of transferring workspace ownership to another account.

Can I change the email?

The answer is that Notionlytics does not provide an option to log in with an email and password; it only allows access via a Google account. Therefore, it is not possible to directly update the email. However, if you wish to log in with a different Google account, we can assist you in transferring the ownership of your workspace from your old account to the new one.

Step-by-step guide to update workspace owner

It's important to note that only the current workspace owner can request a change of ownership, and another user cannot request access to someone else's workspace. Follow the steps below to contact customer support and update the workspace owner:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to Notionlytics with your current Google account (from which you want to transfer the workspace ownership).
  2. Reach out to customer support from your current email address. You can email our support team or send a message through Crisp chat.
  3. Include the following information in your message:
    • The workspace for which you wish to transfer ownership
    • The new Google account (email address) to which you want the ownership transferred
  4. The support team will guide you through any additional requirements or steps necessary for your case and initiate the transfer of ownership to the requested Google account.

Subscription transferring

Please note that the subscription for Notionlytics is associated with a specific user account rather than a workspace. Currently, there is no functionality to transfer subscriptions between accounts. By default, subscription remains with the old account after transferring workspace ownership, and needs to be canceled and repurchased with the new account.

What is a workspace?