Pages & tracking

Optimal placement for trackers

There is one rule that helps you choose the right place for your tracker.

A page view is counted when a visitor actually sees your widget.

If you have a long page and put your tracker to the very bottom, you will catch only those visitors who scroll to the bottom of the page. Therefore, the trackers should be embedded at the top of the page if you want to catch all your visits.

The same thing with placing embeds within a toggle. If a widget is placed within a toggle, a page visit isn’t counted unless a user expands the toggle section.

Why? Notion loads its content in a certain way to provide a smooth user experience:

  • it loads your page’s sections only when a visitor is about to see it;
  • it loads content within a toggle only when a visitor expands it.

Following this simple rule, you will catch 100% of your visitors - even those who open and close the page without performing any actions.

The report in Notionlytics and the page analytics in Notion don't align