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Customize tracking widget

This guide will explore the two different customization methods available for your Notionlytics tracking widget: style and colors and watermark customization. With varying customization options, you can tailor the widget's appearance to match your unique Notion workspace style.

Check your subscription

It's essential to note that certain customization options are accessible only on specific subscription plans.

Customization options

Follow these simple steps to customize your Notionlytics tracking widget:

  1. Navigate to Settings in your Notionlytics dashboard and select Widget.

  2. You'll find two sections in the Widget settings: Style and Watermark.

Style and colors customization

With style and color customization, you can adjust your tracking widget's alignment, text color, and background color. This customization feature is designed to help you create a widget that seamlessly blends into your Notion pages and matches your chosen aesthetics.

On subscription plans that support style editing, you can adjust the following features:

  • Change the widget's alignment to center, left, or right.
  • Modify the 'Notionlytics' text color to any desired hue.
  • Adjust the background color (which is transparent by default). You can make it a solid color or change the transparency level to blend in with your Notion pages better.

Watermark customization

Watermark customization allows you to modify the appearance of the widget's watermark.

In certain subscription plans, you can modify the widget's watermark in the following ways:

  • Switch to a Simplified watermark - a thin, grey line that is less intrusive.
  • Hide the watermark entirely for a cleaner, more minimal appearance.

To determine which customization features are available for your current subscription, visit the Pricing or Billing page within your Notionlytics dashboard.

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