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The report in Notionlytics and the page analytics in Notion do not align

Users sometimes experience discrepancies between the analytics provided by the Notionlytics tool and page analytics provided by Notion's built-in analytics. This can be a source of confusion as both tools measure page performance in different ways.

Here are the most common causes of this discrepancy:

Tracker Location

The primary cause of discrepancies between Notion and Notionlytics analytics can be attributed to the location of the Notionlytics tracker within your page. If you embed the tracker at the bottom of a long page, it might only capture data on users who scroll all the way down. For better accuracy, consider placing the tracker higher up on your page, ensuring it captures all users visiting your content.

To find out the best tracker placement for your specific needs, refer to this article: Optimal placement for trackers

Time Zone Settings

Different time zone settings between Notion and Notionlytics may also account for discrepancies in analytics. While Notion adopts the time zone of your local computer, Notionlytics allows you to configure the time zone manually, ensuring that you and your team members see consistent charts regardless of your respective locations. To update the time zone in Notionlytics, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Navigate to General.

  3. Select the desired time zone in Workspace Time Zone section.

Opt-Out Analytics in Notion

In Notion, you have the option to opt-out of analytics. This means that as a Notion member, you can choose to hide your name from the analytics data. When you do this, editors and other users with full access won't be able to see if you viewed a particular page. It's important to note that this opt-out mechanism might be one of the reasons why there could be differences between the analytics provided by Notion and Notionlytics.

Being aware of these factors helps you understand the differences and gain confidence in the analytics provided by both platforms.

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